20. Female. Cleveland/Columbus, Ohio.

I justĀ receivedĀ a copy of my freshman orientation week for college. Yeah. It’s nice that you planned all this out for 4 days. But no, it’s not happening. I will not wake up before 8 am the second day I am there. I will not sit out on the lawn and watch The Hunger Games at 9 pm. I will not learn a community cheer. Free t-shirts, those are okay. I don’t want to meet with people on my floor at 9:30 pm, I want to go in my room be anti-social and talk to all my old friends on the phone about how ridiculous this will be. I don’t know what Sex @ 7 or Casino Night is, but I’m not interested in either of those. I don’t like parades, or marches or what you want to call them; too much noise. No, I don’t want to attend a concert of your students. Why are you forcing me to become social so quickly? I’ll do it at my own pace. I’ll just scare people away faster if I’m forced to talk to them. I’m a quiet, anti-social, calm person who likes to do things her way. Leave me alone. Let me sit in my dorm and sulk if I want to. I don’t like pre-planned things, it’s limiting and I don’t like it. Gtfo. ;3;

  Jul 21st, 2012